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About Us

Whitmore Park Child Care Co-operative is a non-profit child care center that was incorporated in September, 1980. The Centre is also a designated charitable organization, governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.   

Philosophy of Early Years Learning

Whitmore Park Child Care Cooperative (WPCCC) is seen as a complement and an extension to the family unit and the home environment, fostering growth, while providing a nurturing and supportive environment. Communication, cooperation, mutual respect and support are essential to the well-being of the child, family, employees and all those involved in Center life. Children learn through play, and through interacting with their world. The Center strives to provide a rich balance of new experiences and learning opportunities, combined with the nurturing and guidance needed to explore this remarkable world.

Our Employees

The Educators at WPCCC hold varying Levels of Early Childhood Education or Teaching education. Our employees exhibit a passion for early years care and continue to learn through newly developed professional development opportunities. Full time educators receive time outside of the classroom to program for their group. Communication is daily with families/caregivers through the use of apps, in person, or on the phone.  



We follow a 6 week menu rotation that meets the nutrition regulations set by the Ministry of Education. We provide a morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack. Our meals are healthy, home made, and offer a wide variety of options. During meal times the children eat in family gathering style where they self serve their own food and drink, creating competent and happy eaters.

Love Blooms Here

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