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Family Testimonials

"My kids love going to WPCCC! The staff are caring, promote, play, and offer a variety of healthy and delicious foods that they manage to get my kids to eat, which is amazing. Communication is also great, with regular updates throughout the day so I know how my kids are doing."

                                                                                            - Anonymous

"I have had my children attend WPCCC throughout the last 5 1/2 years, even though we moved out of the community, we have continued with the Centre. Our children love it there, they feel comfortable, as parents we feel comfortable and know they are in good hands. The kids always have a good day, learning new things, going on adventures, and spending time outdoors. I have also been an active board member for the majority of the time my kids have attended the Centre, giving me extra insight into what is happening at the Centre, how they address any problems or concerns that arise, and how they continue to improve and find ways to make things better for the kids, the parents, and the staff. I would recommend WPCCC to anyone that I know."                                                                                                                                            - Anonymous

I'm honestly so happy with everything and so grateful we got in. Our son loves it there! He loves the educators, the meals, the outdoor space. We feel very fortunate to be there."                                                                      -Anonymous

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